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About me

My name is Ammar Yasir,
I’m a photographer.

My name is Ammar Yasir. I’m a licensed photographer & filmmaker based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Prior to my current role, I have worked with ARY Digital (A Pakistani Tv Channel Network in Dubai) in the capacity of Media Traffic Controller where I was responsible for HBO, Fashion Tv and Nickelodeon. I was also responsible for making commercial content from production to editing and then delivering to transmission department. 

Apart my commercial work, I love to do Landscape Photography and post my work regularly on flickr 

My Skills


I super equipped and skilled in portraits, providing indoor and outdoor services for portraits.


Nowadays, Lifestyle photography is trending. It gives you good amount of following on social media.


I have fully equipped studio with different lights and modifiers. Studio is in Ajman, United Arab Emirates.


I have worked with Fashion Tv for several years & completed fashion campaigns for various brands.

Why Choose Me?

light composure

Light is a dynamic element that you have at your disposal when capturing a photograph; Composition is how I choose to combine various elements to tell a story in my photographs & films.

Professional skills

I do have the professional skills in photography & filming with more than a decade experience. I also own professional gear for the photography and filming projects to fulfill my client needs..

Perfect Equipment

The entire gear I own, is professional. From cameras to lenses, lights to modifiers, audio equipment to other accessories, everything is the top of range as I don’t compromise on quality. 

ultra hd

I have started delivering videos to my clients ULTRA HD which is 4k upto 60 frames per seconds which can be further slowed down to 60 percent. The same goes for the time lapse.

unic vision

Every Artist has his own vision to see things and then compose or draw the scene accordingly. You can have a look on my commercial & non-commercial work and evaluate it.

Clients Relationship

I value my clients and respect their prospective. I believe, providing a quality work makes your ties storing with client and stretches the the relationship.

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