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My name is Ammar Yasir,
I’m a Photographer & Cinematographer.

I’m a licensed Photographer & Filmmaker from Dubai. Prior to current role, I’ve worked  with ARY Digital, Dubai Media City for several years as Media Traffic Controller for HBO, Fashion  TV & Nickelodeon as well as Director of Photography for ARY Middle East.

As Photographer & Cinematographer, My main focus is to deliver quality content to my clients and earn their satisfaction. I provide my services for Corporate Events, Exhibitions, TV Commercials, Fashion, Sports Events, Products, Weddings & Live Streaming (whether dedicated servers or social media platforms. The natural talent, post processing techniques and passion to work with rather difficult subject makes me a Sui Generis Artist. I’ve also captured the Mesmerizing Landscapes.

My Skills


I've been acting as Director for last 13 years. I've done Fashion Films, TVCs & Corporate Videos, like company profiles. Moreover, directed few Drama Serials of Urdu language.


Highly skilled, Completed various projects and covered almost every aspect of Photography. Core competencies are Corporate, Fashion, Product, Sports & Landscape.


Filming is love, Filming is passion. Photography and Filming is like daily chores. I used various tools and cameras for filming from ARRI to RED & Canon DSLRs to SONY.


Proficient in Pictures & Video Editing. I've a strong grip on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premier Pro & Adobe After Effects. Not very good in illustrator.

Why Choose Me?

light composure

The light plays a vital role in Photography in other words Photography is all about lighting.

Professional skills

My skills include images retouching, video editing & directing scenes with understanding of light.

Perfect Equipment

Never compromised on quality & always used latest gear. Loaded with lenses, cameras & lights.

ultra hd

I’m capable to produce 4K with high dynamic range. SD, HD, FHD, & UHD or 4K options available. 

unic vision

It is must to have an eye to see what other don’t see. I’ve that unic vision which an Artist must have.

focusing knowledges

Focusing doesn’t only mean to switch from auto to manual or otherwise. It’s attention to details..

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