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Filming is a necessary element to document an event or advertise the content to gain more business. I have personally done many ad campaigns and documented high profile Government, semi Government and private events, including commercial and personal. I am providing professional services of diversified filming to all over the United Arab Emirates, including event videography, Real estate videography, Corporate Videos, Advertisements videography etc.


Ammar has a good sense of direction for capturing precious moments and has perfect knowledge of lighting scenes.


Ammar has produced various ads and corporate films. The next focus is to produce documentaries for YouTube.


This gives more sense of creation. Working on green screen, creating animated packages, it brings tiredness but fun.


You can call it one stop filming services. From production to direction and execution followed by editing of project.

Our Latest Works

My Team

Ammar Yasir
Team Leader
Naveed Khurshid
Live Streaming Specialist
Muhammad Jandal
Cinematographer & Editor
Muhammad Hasnain

About Us

My style is a combination between photojournalism and fine-art photography with a touch of fashion and creative lighting. My photos are inspired by light, color, techniques from black & white processing, vintage photos, creative perspective, and of course, most importantly, the personalities of the people I photograph!

We invest all our professionalism, commitment and care.
We’re transparent in everything that happens internally and externally.

We are fully skilled and equipped with the latest cameras, lights and audio system to provide outstanding results to my clients and gain their trust for the future business. In the cinematography, editing has the vital role to give mood to final content. I must say that my  editing skills or my team’s editing skills are top of the mark!

Light composure
Light is a dynamic element that you have at your disposal when composing a scene; Composition is how I choose to combine various elements to tell a story in my & films.
Unic vision
Every Artist has his own vision to see things and then compose or draw the scene accordingly. You can have a look on my commercial & non-commercial work and evaluate it.

I provide livestream services for any platform. Just to name few main here, YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, OBS and many more. I also arrange strong internet services if that is not available with my client at the site. We are capable to go live with more than one camera and switch the Cameras from crane to platform and platform to dolly.

Ultra HD
I have started delivering videos to my clients ULTRA HD which is 4k upto 60 frames per seconds which can be further slowed down to 60 percent. The same goes for the time lapse.
Clients Relationship
I value my clients and respect their prospective. I believe, providing a quality work makes your ties storing with client and stretches the the relationship.
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