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My Features

light composure

Light is a dynamic element that you have at your disposal when capturing a photograph; Composition is how I choose to combine various elements to tell a story in my photographs & films.

Professional skills

I do have the professional skills in photography & filming with more than a decade experience. I also own professional gear for the photography and filming projects to fulfill my client needs.

Perfect Equipment

The entire gear I own, is professional. From cameras to lenses, lights to modifiers, audio equipment to other accessories, everything is the top of range as I don’t compromise on quality. 

ultra hd

I have started delivering videos to my clients ULTRA HD which is 4k upto 60 frames per seconds which can be further slowed down to 60 percent. The same goes for the time lapse.

unic vision

Every Artist has his own vision to see things and then compose or draw the scene accordingly. You can have a look on my commercial & non-commercial work and evaluate it.


I value my clients and respect their prospective. I believe, providing a quality work makes your ties storing with client and stretches the the relationship.

Corporate Event Photography
Session Parameters:
One hour corporate event photography
10 retouched images
One location
Customized plan option available
Corporate Event Filming
Session Parameters:
One hour corporate event filming
1-3 minutes highlights
Royalty free background music
Only edited version - No RAW data
Customized plan options available
Photography & Filming
Session Parameters:
One hour photography & filming services
20 retouched images - 1-3 minutes video highlights
Royalty free background music
All JPEGS SOOC - Edited video & no RAW data
Customized plan options available
Live Streaming
Session Parameters:
One camera live streaming
Up to 8 hours
FHD recorded session
On any free platform
Customized plan options available
Studio Session
Session Parameters:
One hour studio session
5 retouched photographs
Options to choose one background
Customized plan options available
Lifestyle Session
Session Parameters:
One hour studio session
10 retouched photographs
One location of your choice
Customized plan options available


“Ammar approached me through an email saying, I'm glad to know that you're participating in Gulfood, I'm a Photographer and Filmmaker from Dubai and wanted to check if you need my services, and I answered Yes! Ammar is definitely a Pro Photographer and always meets the requirement. We started working with Ammar from 2016 and he covers Gulfood Exhibition and German Government officials dinner. I've also recommended him to Orange Exhibition Management Netherlands! Ms. Caroline is also very happy with Ammar's work.

Thank you Ammar for the wonderful work and I hope to see you soon.!”

Matthias Broede

IEC - Berlin
“Ammar is a very talented and professional photographer. I've worked with him on few events of Majid Entertainment and he has expressed the highest levels of commitment and expertise. He knows his work very well and often guides what would be the best way to achieve the best results. Due to lots of security and protocol of VIPs it's extremely difficult to work in bookfair but Ammar has never disappointed us and always provided us the best shots of VIPs visiting our exhibition stands in Bookfair.
He would definitely be one the best selections to hire for the best results.”

Thanks you very much Ammar!

Shaza R. Shahrour

Marketing Executive - Abu Dhabi Media
“The photos are great. My department is loving the pictures, you've provided. Everyone seems happy and satisfied so more work in future, being active for 8 hours of shoot in a corporate event is speechless. Satisfied to work with you, Ammar. You are not just an amazing Photographer but a wonderful and flexible person too. I'd love to introduce you with my family and friends so you can have more business from our parties. Let me know if you provide services for weddings, birthday parties and christmas.

Lastly, You make everyone feel comfortable and laugh! Forget that you are the most talented photographer, we love having you around. Garo!!!!”

Garo Weladian

Media Executive - Ministry of Education
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