Ammar Yasir Statement

Ammar is Dubai based natural and autodidactic artist. He is founder and CEO of AY Media, Dubai and Pakistan.

Prior to that he worked in mass media industry (ARY Digital, Dubai Media City) for several years as media traffic controller for HBO, Fashion Tv & Nickelodeon as well as Proucer of ARY Middle East. 

As a Photographer & Cinematographer his main focus is deliver quality content to his clients and earn their satisfaction. Ammar provides his services for Corporate Events, Exhibitions, Tv Commercials, Fashions, Sports Events, Products, Weddings & Live Broadcast (Streaming with dedicated FMS). Ammar mostly work for Govt. sector of UAE. His natural talent, post-photo processing techniques and passion to work with rather difficult subject makes him a sui generis artist.

He has also captured the mesmerizing views of beaches, bridges, buildings and cityscape of Dubai, The ultra modern city. This is a city where every item is a master piece in its own right, as it is designed, crafted and finished by the best available talent in the universe. However, the details of these master pieces are lost in the tapestry of the city.